Non-Smokers Want Time Off Because Smokers Get A Lot Of Breaks

Non-smokers feel they are entitled to extra vacation days each year to compensate for the amount of time their co-workers who smoke spend taking cigarette breaks, according to a recent study.  

Over 40 percent of non-smokers believe that 3 to 5 days of vacation time should be added for them - but smokers unsurprisingly don't agree.

The study, commissioned by electronic cigarette brand Halo, found that smoke breaks typically eat up 6 days a year of cigarette-users' time.  

The amount of days taken away from work varied depending on industry. Workers in the tech and wholesale/retail fields spent an average of 20.5 days a year smoking while real estate, rental and leasing workers spent just over 5 days.

Smokers involved in the study said that the option to have more time off would serve as a good incentive for them to quit.

The survey suggested that e-cigarettes could be a tool in successfully helping people quit. 

Derek Moore


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