The One Thing That San Franciscan's Now Hate Is the Salesforce Tower

See the biggest building in the picture below? That's fairly new. It's called "Salesforce Tower" and judging on comments made on social media everytime the San Francisco skyline is pictured, people HATE it. Why? For just that reason. People believe it has negatively altered the San Francisco skyline. 

It's not the Coit Tower or the Transamerica Pyramid building you look at. It's THIS that you see. 

In fact, the Pyramid building was the tallest in the city for years. Now it is this structure, which checks in at 1,070 feet, it is now the second-tallest building west of the Mississippi River. The Los Angeles building the Wilshire Grand Center is second.  

What do you think? Ugly? Doesn't matter? 

Derek Moore


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