Sacramento-You Now Have To Dial 1 When Calling Someone

One major change will impact how Sacramento residents make phone calls starting Saturday morning.

Because of the California Public Utilities Commission's decision to replace the city's 916 area code with 279, landline phone users will have to dial a 1 and then the area code to make local calls. Cellphone users should be able to make calls without a 1 before the area code.

Want some fun-facts about the switch?

  • Callers do not need to add a 1 before dialing 911.
  • The switch is happening because phone carriers are running out of 916 numbers for customers.
  • Dialing 1 before local area codes does not mean it's a toll or long-distance call and no additional fees should be applied. 
  • 279 phone numbers can be assigned beginning March 10. 
  • The 279 code will serve Sacramento County, and most parts of El Dorado, Solano, Sutter, Yolo and Placer counties.
Derek Moore


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