Toys R Us Store-Closing Sales Cut Prices Up To 30%

Toys R Us is introducing its store-closing sales around the country with discounts of up to 30% off brand name products. Liquidators are working quickly to get the closing stores empty by April, and the discounts are expected to continually increase.  

According to the liquidation companies that were hired to run the sales, "shoppers will be offered deep discounts on top brand names across all product categories."  

Not only will they be marking down existing inventory at both Toys R Us and Babies R Us stores, but they will also be introducing new merchandise that has not been sold in these stores before at "even deeper discounts" according to the liquidators. Bringing in new merchandise that has not been previously sold in retail stores is a common practice within businesses that are going under to implement in their sales.

Although stores that are going out of business will be offering steep discounts on popular items, the sales will not be matched by Toys R Us stores that are remaining open for business. 

Almost 170 Toys R Us stores in the United States will be closing. Toys R Us is doing this in effort to reorganize and emerge from bankruptcy.

The Wayne, N.J.-based company filed a motion Jan. 23 to close up to 182 of its 880 stores in the U.S. However the toy company has since taken at least a dozen of those stores off the closing list. The ones removed from the list were able to negotiate more favorable terms from the landlord in order to stay open.

Derek Moore


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