Robert French Memorial Today in Roseville

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Law enforcement officers and many others throughout the community are expected to attend the Bayside at Adventure Church service in Roseville to honor Sacramento County Deputy Robert French, this morning.  

French was shot and killed by a man who stole a vehicle and shot and killed French on Aug. 30th. 

Expect some traffic around Roseville, with the law enforcement procession leaving the church around 1:15 p.m. today. Expect road closures from Bayside Church to Stanford Ranch Road to Highway 65. Then they will go eastbound on Interstate 80, exit on Rocklin Road and turn right on Sierra College Boulevard headed for Bayside. 

All should be completed around 2:15p today. 

On August 30th, Sacramento (California) County Sheriff's Deputies assigned to their Auto Theft Task Force responded to a hotel room to execute a search warrant. The room belonged to the driver of a stolen vehicle that was taken into custody earlier in the day and was supposed to be vacant. It was instead occupied by a violent convicted felon that should not have been on the streets. As the officers attempted to enter the room, the male inside opened fire through the door with a handgun. 2 California Highway Patrol Officers were struck during the initial volley of gunfire. Deputy Robert French pulled his patrol car out front of the hotel and tried to assist in evacuating the wounded officers. The male armed himself with a semi-automatic rifle and began firing at the group of officers. Bob engaged the suspect with his patrol rifle, laying down suppressive fire long enough that one of the more serious wounded officers was able to be transported to the hospital. As the shootout continued, one of the suspect's rounds ricocheted off the patrol car and entered the area between Bob's body armor panels. It traveled through his shoulder and into his heart. By all accounts, it was described as a "non-survivable wound". Though mortally wounded, Bob still managed to stay in the fight and returned fire until the gunman was neutralized. In fact, Bob never showed any signs that he was hit until after the firefight. He lived for 10 more minutes. Deputy Robert French was a 21 year veteran of the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department, husband, father and grandfather. He was 52 years old. #sacramento #deputysheriff #robertfrench

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