On This Date, Live Aid Rocked the World


Live Aid happened on a Saturday on this date…July 13th 1985. It was a massive event in London and Philadelphia. There was no live streaming on Facebook or Twitter. This was heard on radio stations around the country and ran on MTV all day long. 75 different acts, for African famine relief.

There were some signal issues, but it was a huge success, with some amazing performances of bands either in their prime, or on the rise.

Phil Collins became the first artist to perform the same song on two different continents in the same day by doing “In the Air Tonight” in London, taking a jet and flying to Philadelphia to do it again.

U2’s set was amazing…and was a huge break for the band in 1985.

Led Zeppelin reunited with Phil Collins on drums and a not so great set.

And Queen stole the show. They may have never sounded better or dominated an audience better than that night. 

All told, with the gathering of "Do They Know It’s Xmas," "We Are the World," before it, raised almost $60 million dollars for famine relief. And Live Aid, much more than that.

As a teenager, I was glued to MTV all day and didn’t leave the house. This was one of those one time gifts, that ended up one of the greatest music moments on television.

Derek Moore


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