Latest Read: In The Valley Of The Sun

It's been tough to read just for fun lately. Kinda busy and this took me a little longer to get thru then I would've liked but what a great book. Not brand new but certainly worth seeking out... In The Valley Of The Sun is the first full length novel by Andy Davidson. I'll be honest I scored it for just 99 cents for Kindle on Amazon. Worth every and all 99 cents but still worth the current Kindle price of $12.99 or the actual book for $15.

It's a vampire novel but not in the style of Anne Rice or the Twilight series with updated rules and folklore so to speak. This is a hot, dusty, dirty trip to the desert. The book trailer does a fairly decent job of setting the table. Whether you're still under a 'stay at home order' or looking for a great Memorial Day Weekend/summer read... give this one a taste.