Amelia's Vacation Recap - Colorado!

I just got back from Colorado!

I had been craving some fresh mountain air so my boyfriend and I took to the skies and flew to Denver, Colorado.

We stayed there for one night before moving on to Estes Park where we stayed for two nights and then back to Denver again to fly out.

The trip was short and sweet but we definitely managed to pack a whole lot in.

On our day in Denver, we created our own brewery tour, we checked out the Milk District, Union Station and Highland.

Then in Estes Park we walked the town, rode bikes around the lake, went hiking in The Rocky Mountains and even rented a Tesla to help us get here and there.

My biggest tip for Estes Park is to rent a vehicle before you get there!

We soon realized there was no "Uber" type of service there and only one taxi in town. He wouldn't take us all the way back to Denver though, so we ended up taking an airport shuttle back to Denver airport which is about a two hour ride.

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