California Man Makes 'Eerie Discovery' While Digging Up Backyard

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A Fresno resident recently tilled his backyard and was "extremely freaked out" with what he dug up. According to Newsweek, the man (who chose not to be named) was tilling his backyard to prepare for the arrival of he and his wife's second child when a piece of concrete unexpectedly ran through the teeth of the tractor.

"My wife and I are expecting our second child and I was using our tractor to till the land around the house to prepare. I came across what I thought was a typical piece of concrete. It was upside down and somewhat buried. The teeth in the tractor just broke it free but didn't flip it, so I went to flip it over and my heart sank."

When he flipped over the concrete slab, he saw a name, year, and other foreign numberings. "Jacque Arreola, 1968, L6, CR3, R2." Was it an old gravestone? Possibly. His wife urged him to call the police but instead, he shared a series of photos of the object to Reddit to get other people's opinions.

View photos of the mysterious slab in the Reddit post.

"Since the post and my own investigation, I have learned that it is in fact a headstone. Jacque, the name on the stone, was an infant who died the same day she was born." How the headstone got there in the first place remains a mystery, but Newsweek speculated the possibility (given how populous California is) of the property being built over a gravesite.

"They think my property is on a graveyard. According to my deed, my house was built in 1935 and the parcel of property was created in 1896 out of old farmland. It could be likely still because my own records slip away after the 1896 time, but the property was all zoned as farmland."

The homeowner works as a professor at a local college and plans to use his contacts to gather more information about the headstone.

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