Famous California Mansion Burned To Ground During Devastating Fire

Photo: Getty Images

A famous California mansion located in Pacific Grove caught fire on the morning of Friday, May 26th, and was soon engulfed in flames. According to Sf Gate, the La Porte Mansion, located at 1030 Lighthouse Ave, was the filming location of "A Summer Place," which debuted in 1959. The property sustained "extensive damage" as a result of the fire to the point that authorities believe the remaining structure will have to be torn down.

Monterey Fire Chief Gaudenz Panholzer told SF Gate that there was one person inside of the property during the incident. The owner of the mansion was trying to extinguish the top two floors from inside of the first floor. After an unsuccessful attempt, the individual safely evacuated the property. Fire fighters arrived around 10:00 a.m. Lighthouse Avenue and 17-Mile Drive were closed as 35 firefighters worked to extinguish the flames.

Panholzer shared that due to the old build of the structure, the fire spread through the walls quicker than it would inside of a modern build. Half of the house was entirely burnt to the ground while the other half remains partially intact, making it unable to be occupied. Information regarding the cause of the fire has yet to be released as officials continue to investigate.

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