This Is The Only Place In California Not Experiencing A Drought

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Photo: Getty Images

There is one very small corner of California that cannot entirely relate to the weather conditions that the rest of the state continues to experience. According to KTLA, 99.77% of California is in a drought. Despite varying levels of dryness, residents across the state have been instructed to increase conservation efforts and reduce water usage both indoors and outdoors. The mere .23% of the state that is not in a drought encompasses one-third of Del Norte County in the northernmost region of the state.

KTLA mentioned that the section of the county not experiencing a drought borders Oregon and the Pacific Ocean. The popular Smith River also runs through the northern half of Del Norte County. The U.S Drought Monitor provided an interactive map that details the daily intensity of the drought as you move across the state.

Photo: U.S Drought Monitor

Data displayed on the website shows that the driest conditions are present in the center of the state with the outskirts being moderately dry in comparison. Though this small region is not experiencing drought or fire due to its location, the weather conditions in Northwest Del Norte County are not perfect. KTLA noted that current conditions are still "abnormally dry" for the area.

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