Pipe Bomb Found On California Hospital Patient

Pipe bomb with an clock timer to trigger detonation on black background

Photo: Getty Images

A patient was brought to the Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center from West Covina by ambulance on Monday evening when emergency personnel noticed something strange attached to the individual. According to KTLA, a pipe bomb was discovered on the patient after they were brought into the hospital. The K-9 unit sniffed out the explosive, and hospital staff immediately notified police and contacted the Los Angeles bomb squad.

KTLA mentioned that the hospital even had to shut down the entrance to the emergency room until the situation was under control. Roads leading to the hospital were shut down as police formed a perimeter around the area to prevent bystanders from entering the scene. Ambulances carrying patients in need of medical care were told to re-route to other local hospitals. Aside from the emergency room, the hospital was not evacuated. The bomb squad soon discovered that the device was not dangerous.

The device in question was a pipe with a fuse at the bottom. KTLA shared that authorities did not believe that the patient had an intended target for the bomb. The bomb squad did not offer any other information about the device, and the name of the patient has not been released.

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