Are Straws, Forks, And Condiment Packets Illegal In California?

Food Delivery, Takeout Service, Cashless Society. Shot of Courier delivery food and drink to customer in front doorstep.

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Assembly Bill 1276 puts a limit on what single use items takeout recipients can receive with their orders. According to FOX5 San Diego, various counties across the state continue to educate residents on parameters of the bill, including the $25 to $300 fine that will be enforced upon businesses that do not comply.

“Los Angeles County has a history of leading by example when it comes to single-use plastics, banning Styrofoam food containers at county operations in 2010, and being one of the first jurisdictions in the region to ban carryout plastic bags in 2012,” County spokesman Steven Frasher shared, “Once again, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors led the way by adopting an accessories-upon-request ordinance in June 2021, before it became State law.”

Some counties are not taking the new law as serious as others. San Bernardino County spokeswoman Felisa Cardona discussed the law's impact on pollution and food insecurity.

“This law is in alignment with several other initiatives EHS has implemented in an effort to meet the State’s requirements to reduce pollution, reduce short-lived climate pollutants and reduce food insecurity,” Cardona mentioned.

As part of the newly enforced law, those ordering takeout will no longer receive single use items in their takeout bags unless they specifically request them.

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