VIDEO: California Couple Returns To Home Filled With Hundreds Of Birds

Photo: Getty Images

A California couple returned from a trip to a truly shocking sight. According to KRCR-TV, their home was filled with hundreds of birds that apparently found their way in through the chimney. "As we pulled up, we were thinking you know, 20 birds or so - that's no big deal. We open the door and it's like an Alfred Hitchcock movie," homeowner Gary Reitemeyer told the news station. "There were birds flying everywhere. I mean, it was crazy. We were ducking and dodging."

The couple said it took them three hours to clear the birds from their home. Although they managed to get most of them to fly out of the door on their own, they did have to grab some of the birds.

"I was grabbing a handful of birds," said Reitemeyer. "I grabbed maybe three of them, or three or so at a time, and kind of ushered them out the door."

Ultimately, they had to hire a company to remove the rest of the birds and now they have a $20,000 bill from the damage. "You can't get all that bird stuff out of the furniture," Reitemeyer said. "So all of the furniture is gone, all of the carpet is gone, the blinds are gone...everything. Everything is gone." According to their insurance provider, they have an "exclusion" on their policy in regards to birds and will not pay the claim.

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