This Is The Oldest Restaurant In California

Photo: Getty Images

Each state is filled with beloved, iconic, old restaurants. But only one can take the trophy for being the oldest in the state. Cheapism compiled a list of each state's oldest restaurants. The website states, "Some restaurants, however, have staying power that endures for decades and, in some cases, centuries. Here's a look at the oldest restaurant in every state."

According to the website, the oldest restaurant in California is Tadich Grill in San Francisco. The seafood restaurant was founded in 1849. Here's what Cheapism had to say about the spot: "Dating back to the California Gold Rush, the Tadich Grill is one of the world's "10 Great Classic Restaurants Well Worth Visiting," according to Forbes."

Not only is Tadich Grill the oldest and continuously run restaurant in the state, but it's also the third oldest in the United States. You can find the restaurant at 240 California Street, which is easily accessible by BART, Cable Car, Bus, and Ferry boat. They're open Monday through Saturday and open on Sundays for private parties only. According to their website, the dress code is casual to dressy causal but business attire is worn by guests often.

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