Top Ten Financial Regrets of Americans

According to a recent study conducted by OnePoll on behalf of TrueAccord, here are the:


  1. 51% regret not starting a retirement plan while I’m young.
  2. 43% regret not paying attention to my credit score.
  3. 41% regret buying cheap goods.
  4. 41% regret defaulting on payments and ending up in debt collection.
  5. 38% regret overspending on credit cards that I can’t afford to repay.
  6. 37% regret buying a car without knowing what’s involved.
  7. 36% regret letting student debt accumulate.
  8. 29% regret getting locked into fixed interest rates.
  9. 26% regret not investing money when they were young.
  10. 25% regret not buying a home/property when they were young.

You can watch the results on their YouTube channel as well:

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