Pot Edibles Packaged Like Common Halloween Treats

A consumer alert has been issued by the California Attorney General Rob Bonta, stating that potent, illegal cannabis edibles are being sold in packaging that looks like popular snack and candy brands. They are sold online and through unlicensed shops, containing high levels of THC (far higher than legal limits). For example, a copycat bag of Doritos has an unverified 600 milligrams of THC in one bag. California law allows 100 milligrams per package.

You can read Bonta's statement below:

“These aren’t Doritos, these are not Sour Patch Kids, these are not Oreos. They are unregulated and untested cannabis products sold by unlicensed manufacturers and marketed to underage Californians. While cannabis-infused edibles packaged to look like our favorite brands may seem harmless and fun, the dangers of consuming unregulated and untested cannabis products are high, particularly for children and teens."

One way to identify illegal cannabis products is to look for the universal cannabis symbol. By law it must be displayed (with CA added beneath for the state of CA):

Bonta's statement continues:

“If you see indications of copycat packaging or do not see the universal symbol, the product is illicit and may be dangerous."

Sadly, California has seen a rise in emergency room visits related to cannabis poisoning in young children. From 2016 to 2020, the number of cannabis poisoning cases in children under the age of 5 went from 21 to 113. Bonta urges parents to be aware and to file online complaints with the state Department of Cannabis Control if illegal cannabis candy or snacks are found.

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