Firefighters Wrapped General Sherman in Foil to Protect It From Wildfires

As the fire(s) continue to blaze throughout California, the National Park Service is taking precautions to protect the sequoias. The Colony and Paradise fires merged into one last week, now the KNP Complex fire, which has made its way to Sequoia National Park. State firefighters are valiantly fighting the blaze, but also taking extra precautions, especially with the General Sherman.

Sequoias are known for their hardiness and can survive smaller fires, but officials aren't taking any chances. General Sherman measures 275 feet tall and has a 36 foot diameter, which firefighters have wrapped in aluminum-based burn-resistant material.

Rebecca Paterson, spokesperson for the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, told the LA Times:

"It's a very significant area for many, many people, so a lot of special effort is going into protecting this grove."

Additionally, Christy Brigham, chief of resource management and science for the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks had this to say:

"We basically told the fire crews to treat all our special sequoias like they were buildings and wrap them all up, and rake all the litter away and roll away the heavy logs."

The Sequoia Parks Conservancy also released a statement regarding recovery efforts:

"As hundreds of firefighters from across the country converge to battle the growing wildfire complex, Sequoia Parks Conservancy is rallying the public to raise funds for recovery efforts in the park. You can help us spread the word and support the recovery by starting a fundraiser on social media, creating a crowdfunding campaign, or reaching out to your family and friends. We truly appreciate all the support that you can bring to this challenge."

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