Rare Albino Snake Found On Texas Ranch

This incredibly rare albino western diamondback rattlesnake was discovered in Mason County on a ranch in the Texas Hill Country last week.

“Here is something you do not see every day.”

-Hill Country Wildlife, Texas Parks and Wildlife wrote on Facebook.

This snake is approximately 8-10" in length and can grow up to 72".

The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department continued:

“Fortunately, true albinism occurs very rarely in the wild. Some say it happens only once in every hundred thousand births. Others claim it is even more rare — one in a million.”

True albinism (skin, hair, feathers, scales & eyes), that results in this white/off-white coloring with red eyes is rare. Albino animals in the wild have light sensitivities and in the case of this snake, camouflaging to sneak up on prey is more difficult, making it more difficult to survive.

The landowner who found the albino snake has returned it to the same area it was found.

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