2021 Future Ford Bronco Badlands

The 2021 Future Ford Bronco Badlands 2.3L EcoBoost with 270 HP and 310 LB-FT of torque AND 7spd MANUAL transmission! (Only two vehicles in Ford’s lineup have manual trans; Bronco and Mustang)!

This is gonna be the easiest and quickest blog ever - - The 2021 Bronco is BUCKIN AWESOME! It really is. First gen Bronco’s (66-77) were fun, but frumpy - on the road. Broncos have always been a blast on the dirt but as soon as you hit the pavement the fun ended - for me. Truth told, I was never a big Bronco fan. A few buddies had originals, dad had a 78’, dad-in-law had a 90’ Eddie Bauer and on the street they were boring and bulky. They always felt like you were riding them, not driving, and they drove you instead of the other way around. Simply; the 2021 Bronco has finally been "broken!” On the road; fun, refined, tight, and smooth. Hit the dirt and the saddle comes off!!!

There are so many cool/old school features in a modern setup, you really need to see, touch and test drive for yourself.

*In person: Cyber Orange is BEAUTIFUL! Can’t wait for more availability and extended seat time!!!

Thanks again to Future Ford Madison I/80 and Future Ford Lincoln in The Roseville Auto Mall. -Dog

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