Video: Drive-By Hawk Hunting

A man, dubbed huntingwithhawks on TikTok, is being described as "armed with a deadly hawk". He has become known for his drive-by hawk hunts, launching the bird of prey from his vehicle's window. You can watch them in action below:

TikTok has added a warning to the video, which has more than 14 million views: "The action in this video could result in serious injury."

The bird handler launches the Harris hawk from the passenger side of the vehicle, while someone else films. The hawk causes quite a stir, as many of the hunts are in residential areas where children are present. Many are curious as to whether the hawk would injure people and whether the actual practice of hunting with a hawk from a moving vehicle is actually legal.

The hawk handler has stated:

"This hawk was trained by my 12-year-old brother it knows what to go for for and [what] not to go for it will not harm children."

The man is thought to live in the U.K., which does allow hunting with a falcon with a license from the government. He is allowed to kill "wild birds" (such as skylarks, starlings, magpies, rooks and feral pigeons) with Eurasian Sparrowhawks, Harris Hawks and Goshawks.

What do you think? Is this cool or unnecessary?

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