Hacker Steals $600M From Company, Then Offered Job

Over $600M in cryptocurrency was stolen from Poly Network after a hacker by the name of Mr. White Hat, who exploited a vulnerability in the crypto platform. Mr. White Hat then returned the stolen currency. And if that wasn't enough, Poly Network then announced that they've had daily contact with the hacker, who has shared concerns about their security. Poly Network then offered Mr. White Hat a job as Chief Security Advisor of Poly Network.

Poly Network stated:

"We are also counting on more experts like Mr. White Hat to be involved in the future development of Poly Network since we believe that we share the vision to build a secure and robust distributed system. Also, to extend our thanks and encourage Mr. White Hat to continue contributing to security advancement in the blockchain world together with Poly Network, we cordially invite Mr. White Hat to be the Chief Security Advisor of Poly Network."

Poly Network offered a Mr. White Hat a $500,000 "bug bounty" to the hacker for pinpointing the weak link in their system, but the hacker originally turned it down. Poly Network sent him $500K anyway. They will not hold Mr. White Hat legally responsible.

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