66% Of Americans Experience "Sunday Scaries"

LinkedIn has a phenomenon that users describe as the "Sunday Scaries", which is the stress and anxiety a person feels on Sunday night before returning to work on Monday.

According to a survey of 3,000 Americans, 66% of professionals experience the Sunday Scaries.

41% believe that the pandemic has heightened their Sunday anxiety.

78% of Millennials and Gen Z are afflicted by the Sunday Scaries.

According to a career expert from LinkedIn:

"The Sunday Scaries are not necessarily a sign that you need to leave your job or change careers. A few things you can do proactively to help you feel excited to get back to work include building an action plan on Sunday night so you can hit the ground running on Monday morning or planning something to look forward to on Monday, like a virtual coffee date with a favorite colleague."

Do you experience the Sunday Scaries?

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