Costner Returns To 'Field of Dreams' Location Before Yankees/White Sox Game

If you build it, he will come.

Kevin Costner that is. Costner, known for his 1989 Field of Dreams film, showed up at the pop-up field for the Yankees/White Socks before their game yesterday.

The pop-up field has 7,911 seats and is definitely a more professional-looking field than Costner’s character built in the film. This was the first time a Major League game was played in the state of Iowa, where Field of Dreams was originally filmed.

Costner looks back on the 32 year old film, saying that it captures "a time in baseball’s history that no longer exists today."

"It takes a game we love and it puts it right into a cornfield backed up by a mid-American house that’s just trying to get by. I miss the term ‘hardball.’ You say ‘baseball,’ but I remember saying ‘let's play some hardball'."

Costner reflected on the magic of the movie:

"I had a feeling when I read the script the first time that it was beautiful,. It had a little gold dust on it. Meaning if we could do this right, we’d have a very special movie… that’s actually the power of movies. Sometimes they can be about things you never ever forget."

Field of Dreams was definitely a magical movie-- it won best picture, best writing and best music score at the 1990 Academy Awards.

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