'04 Ford Shelby Cobra Concept Car Valued At $2 Million

1962 was the year that the iconic Shelby Cobra first hit the road. Since then, several companies have built replicas that are true to the original model, but there hasn't been a new Shelby Cobra since... ever.

Until now:

Ford has released the 2004 Shelby Cobra Concept, which is one of a kind. The car is a collaboration with Carroll Shelby, said to blend the "spirit of the original with retro-modern styling". The running prototype boasts a 6.4-liter V10 engine, 605 HP with a six-speed transaxle borrowed from the 2004-2006 Ford GT Supercar.

The 2004 Shelby Cobra Concept was intended for production, but with the economic downturn, production was halted and the concept was shelved.

In 2017, Ford decided bring the design back and auction is off to raise money to restore Henry Ford’s Fair Lane Estate.

Chris Theodore, a former VP of product development, ultimately took out two mortgages to fork out $825,000 to win the auction. When he purchased the concept vehicle, it had a disabled drive train and was not in driving condition. Theodore worked with a team at Ford to get it in running condition and licensed for street use, and now intends to put it up for sale once again. It is set to go up for auction (Mecum Auction) on August 14th in Monterey, CA. The 2004 Shelby Cobra Concept is estimated to bring in $1.5-$2 million, featuring Carroll Shelby's autograph on the engine bay.

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