Man Attempts To Walk On Water In Giant Hamster Wheel

Reza Baluchi, 49, was discovered by the Flagler County Sheriff's Office in what looks to be a gigantic human-sized hamster ball.

The giant floating contraption was designed to float on water so Baluchi could walk on water. The reason for it? Charity. Baluchi intended to "run" on water from St. Augustine to New York City (by way of Bermuda), but he didn't quite make it. He washed up near Hammock, about 30 miles from his starting location in St. Johns County. Baluchi did equip the floating hamster wheel with GPS, as well as food and water, but it didn't seem to help.

And this hasn't been his first failed attempt-- he tried in 2014 and had to be rescued in the middle of the Atlantic ocean (to the tune of $144,000 thanks to taxpayers). He also attempted to run on water in 2016, but was stopped by the Coast Guard for safety reasons.

Third time is the charm? Not quite.

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