Sacramento Is The 16th Worst City For Dog Attacks on Postal Workers

The U.S. Postal Service released their latest rankings for dog bites. Nationally, 5,800+ postal workers have been bitten while on the job. On the list, Sacramento ranks 16th!

The USPS is raising awareness through June 18th for National Dog Bite Awareness Week in an effort to keep their employees safer while delivering the mail. Here are a few tips to help prevent attacks on mail workers:

  • Keep your dog behind a fence or in another room when the delivery is being made (this includes answering the door to pick up a package that was just left on the doorstep)
  • Sign up for Informed Delivery to get a better idea of the exact time your mail will be delivered
  • Do not restrain your dog outside with a chain or leash, dogs have broken free from those restraints

Lastly, just know: if a dog becomes a persistent issue, the USPS may ask to stop delivering mail to the residence and require pick up at the Post Office instead.

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