Couple Hides $1,000 In Baby Supplies At Target To Help Other Families

Krystal Duhaney, a RN and founder of Milky Mama, and her husband Patrick are the parents of three children. They look back to when they first became parents and just how difficult it was for them financially.

“We recalled how hard it was for us as new parents to afford some of the basics and we could imagine how difficult it must be during this pandemic,” Krystal said.

Now in a better financial situation, she and her husband have been visiting local LA Target stores and secretly stuffing money into packs of diapers and under formula cans with the intention of helping out struggling families in their area. So far, they've given out $1,000 in cash and they don't plan on stopping any time soon.

You can watch them donating below:

“We hope that the parents that purchase these items have a brighter day when they find our gifts.”

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