2021 Future Ford Explorer Platinum Review

The 2021 Future Ford Explorer Platinum is AMAZING! If you have the extra scratch, getting ALL of the "bells and whistles" Ford offers is definitely worth it. Over the years we've driven every Explorer available. Truth told; as fun as the ST is to drive, I really think I would buy the Platinum and lose the 35hp.

As some of you know; Ford sold Jag/Range in 2008. Ever since the modern Explorer debuted, it's been compared to the Range Rover, and this 2021 looks more related than any other model. There are numerous styling updates but most noticeable is the slanted rear glass and roof. The 21" wheels look good and the redesigned fascia looks better too.

There are far too many appointments, features, and gizmos to list. The things I love most about the Platinum are the AC-MESSAGING seats and the power/tilt/telescope wheel/column. I also like the multi color interior/accents with BO Sound!

I could go on for a VERY long about what exactly is inside the "sausage" but I won't. JUST DRIVE IT!!!!!

Take a Dog and Joe Show Test drive today at either Future Ford Sacramento or Future Ford/Lincoln in The Roseville Auto Mall!


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