Robot Arm Can Write, Draw & Shoot Lasers, Available On Amazon

We're not quite on the Jetsons level yet, but we do have robots to assist us with some everyday tasks. Thanks to the Roomba, we have a little robot that vacuums our floors. You can keep your floors mopped with a robot mop. For people like Joe, there are robots to mow your lawn! And for people like Dana, robots to weed your yard! And if you're the affectionate caffeinated owner of a Kuerig or a Nespresso, well there's robots making you coffee too. Sadly, robots have replaced a lot of factory jobs throughout the years; including some talks of autonomous long-haul trucks being built. Not to worry yet, even with robot cars being developed, they're still a controversial work in progress.

But here's something that is pretty damn cool: the Rotrics Dexarm All-in-one Desktop Robot Arm. A robotic arm.

What would you need a robotic arm for?

Well, this particular version can:

  1. Grab things & hold onto them (think a third arm to assist you)
  2. Write,
  3. Draw
  4. 3D print
  5. Shoot lasers

Ok, shoot a laser to laser engrave an item.

Here's the robot arm in action:

This third arm will cost you a pretty penny though, the base model starting at $799 and prices going up from there. The model above retails for $899.99.

Add to... wishlist?

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