2/3 Americans Believe In Intelligent Life On Other Planets

We are not alone.

Most Americans (66%) believe that there is life beyond our planet and here's what they believe when it comes to making contact with extraterrestrials:

  • 33% of these people believe contact will take place within their lifetime
  • 24% believe contact will take place within the next century
  • 36% believe it won't happen until further into the future
  • 6% believe that we will never make contact

And some Americans believe aliens have made contact with us already.

  • 51% percent of Americans think UFOs are alien spacecrafts visiting Earth
  • Most believe the U.S. government knows more than they're telling us
  • While 20% think the government has told us everything they know about UFOs

The poll, conducted by CBS News, sampled 1,009 adults nationwide. You can read more of the results from the survey here:

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