Gas Station Brawl Ensues As Shortage Continues In North Carolina

The cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline last week has spurred fuel shortages on the East Coast, which has caused the public to panic (and a whole slew of memes).

The Colonial Pipeline system, which spans 5,500-miles, transports more than 100 million gallons of gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and heating oil per day (approximately 45% of fuel used on the Eastern Seaboard). The Colonial Pipeline Co. is trying to restore the supply by the end of the week, but even still, it has been pandemonium with long lines and panic fill-ups.

And with tensions high, a gas station brawl between a man and woman caught on camera (NFSW language ahead) ensued:

According to the witness (who filmed the incident), no one was letting the woman in the white Honda in so she decided to cut the line, driving into the side of the SUV. The rest, well, you saw how that unfolded.

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