John Wayne Gacy Property (Finally) Sells For $395k

In 2019, the property where John Way Gacy murdered 33 boys and young men in the '70s has sold went up for sale. The actual house in which Gacy committed the murders was not up for sale; it was bulldozed in 1979 after police discovered 29 of Gacy's victims in the home. Seven years later, a new house was built on the lot and that is the one that was listed for sale in 2019, asking price $459,000.

It didn't immediately sell (even in this crazy sellers market).

It is described as:

an open concept, vaulted ceilings, skylights, unique 2nd floor loft, double sided fireplace, tons of storage, close to public transportation, and major expressways... This is a must see house!

Seems like they didn't have to disclose the murders that took place and after over a year on the market, the Illinois home has finally sold, to the tune of $395,000!

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