Maserati Levante Going 100 MPH Wedges Under Highway Overpass

What happens when a Maserati Levante is fleeing the Cops going over 100 mph?

According to the CHP's Oakland office on Instagram (see above), the chase and crash happened Monday after a traffic stop. The Levante lead the CHP on a high speed chase on westbound Interstate 580, speeds exceeding 100 mph. After exiting the highway, the Maserati sped up an embankment and wedged itself under an overpass. Though the roof was partially caved in, but the 32-year-old male driver lived and was taken to the hospital.

Officer David Arias of Oakland CHP told SFGate that:

"It's crazy that he lived."

The kicker: IF the driver can get past a reckless evading charge, he will have to face the wrath of the Levante's owner... his girlfriend.

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