Woman Gets HOA To Take Down Her Neighbor's Frog Statue

An anonymous Reddit user posted in the AmITheA******* forum regarding a statue that her neighbor recently put up. She goes on to describe how she, her husband and six year old daughter started going on walks every day once the pandemic started. Her 55 year old neighbor recently put up a frog statue.

She writes:

“I find it really creepy … my daughter hates it. She is absolutely terrified of it. Now she refuses to go on walks.”

She asked her neighbor to move it and he declined. She then went onto another neighbor (a friend), who is the VP of the HOA. They found a bylaw that the frog was violating and now the frog not only has to be taken down, but they are also being fined.

She continues:

“My husband says that I took it too far. I see it differently. The statuette is destroying the aesthetics of the neighborhood and is scaring the children.”

Some of the responses read:

“It’s pathetic you’re wasting so much time stressing over this.”
“If you buy something, like a house, you should be able to do with it what you please and decorate it how you want. HOAs are an excuse for people with no lives to nitpick their neighbors and cause drama.”
“Literally walk down a different street if you hate it that much. Or, alternately, take the opportunity to talk with you kid about how different people find different things beautiful, and that a cool thing about humanity!”
“Way to ensure you raise an entitled child.”

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