First Female Roadie's Stories About The Beatles, AC/DC, Iggy Pop & More

Meet Tana Douglas, dubbed the "world's first female roadie" for some of the biggest bands in the world: Whitesnake, Elton John, Ozzy Osbourne, INXS, Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Police and the Go-Go’s.

She has a new book, titled LOUD, out detailing her interactions with some of the biggest rockstars of all time.


Tana Douglas started out in the industry at the age of 15 in 1973. She had run away from home (Queensland, Australia) and joined a group of hippies. That lead to a music festival where she eventually found herself helping a local pop band in move their equipment. She says that everyone laughed at first, but eventually started giving her more and more. Two years later, she was recruited by AC/DC. She says:

"I fit in like a guy. I drank, stayed up late, cursed and loaded trucks just like everyone else."

Douglas was even present during an overdose, recounting the incident:

"We all woke up to a girl screaming about Bon (Scott) not breathing. I did CPR and kept him alive until the paramedics came. He survived and we never talked about it. When you’re young, you think you are bulletproof."

George Harrison of The Beatles

It was 1979 and it was George Harrison birthday, hosted by Whitesnake's keyboard player Jon Lord. A stripper is in the living room dancing to the Beatles' "She Loves You". Harrison, embarrassed, is hiding out in the kitchen with Tana Douglas for the better part of a half hour. She lights up a cigarette and Harrison says: "I would marry you tomorrow if you gave up smoking."

These are just a few of the stories she recounts in her book. She is now happily retired after 20 years on the road, but is still involved with bands, doing logistics for bands, location work for movies and writing.

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