Smiley Face Snake

Justin Kobylka breeds snakes and recently he hatched an albino ball python, which he noticed had something interesting about the scale pattern. He noticed three very distinct markings: emoji smiley faces.

He has said regarding the unique pattern:

“I knew theoretically that you could get smiley faces — one smiley face is not that uncommon. I would likely be able to breed more in the future that have just one, but I don’t know if I could get three ever again no matter how long I try. It’s really a lucky thing.”

To have a highly patterned albino snake is a difficult task, as most bred ball pythons usually have little to not patterning. This particular snake has two recessive mutations: albinism and piebaldism. Female snakes lay six eggs in a year and the odds are one in 16 that a snake is born carrying both mutations.

Kobylka goes onto say:

“The special smilies are fun, but we’re just happy to be able to make an albino ball python. Two years ago, making an albino ball python was a holy grail.”

These snakes are valued between $30,000 to $40,000. But don't expect to be able to purchase this unique snake; Kobylka is keeping it.

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