4 out of 5 Americans Have A Room That Is Constantly Messy

According to a new study, it doesn't matter how tidy you keep your home, there is always ONE place, spot or room that is a natural disaster magnet. The survey was conducted with 2,000 participants, 80% of them claiming they have a “cleaning black hole”, an area that is simply impossible to keep clean or organized consistently. The most common places: closets, garages, basements, man caves and one incredibly realistic and funny participant even said “anywhere my son touches”.

  • 88% of the participants have at least one junk drawer.
  • 33% of the participants say they didn't pick the junk drawer, the junk drawer simply materialized on its own
  • 37% say their kitchen drawers are the messiest in the entire house
  • 49% have admitted to having a "laundry chair"
  • 38% have a "yet-to-be-sorted paper pile"
  • 24% have a "junk bowl" for keys and clutter
  • 82% have a cabinet for food storage containers, which 1/5 claim is an unorganized disaster
  • 62% have a plastic bag filled with other plastic bags
  • 82% of Baby Boomers have a “bag bag”
    • 70% of Generation X and 63% of Millennials also have bag bags.

The reason for cleaning black holes?

  • 34% say they are overwhelmed or too distracted to tackle them
  • 32% blame the size of the space (too small)
  • 19% blame the mess on other members of the household

HBU? What is your cleaning black hole and why?

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