Best Carpool Mannequin

We've all heard of the ol' "mannequin in the front seat to skate down the fast lane during traffic". And it's certainly tempting when the traffic on 99 SUCKS. The CHP recently busted a carpooler in Baldwin Park and even they had to admit that this carpool counterfeit was pretty impressive:

They posted the photo to their Facebook with the following funny quip:

"Fake passenger to avoid a carpool ticket? Or Disneyland animatronic just trying to assimilate to normal life outside the park? Should we ticket for violation or give a warning based purely on ingenuity?"

The only way the CHP caught the fake while traveling next to the Toyota Tacoma when they noticed the passenger wasn't moving. The driver was pulled over for tinted windows and that's when they confirmed the front seat impostor. The driver admitted he had been getting away with the sham for over a year before finally getting pulled over. He was given a ticket for carpool violation.

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