DMV Takes Drivers License Photo With Mask On

Lesley Pilgrim went to the DMV to get her Real ID. She says:

“I knew the picture was not going to be good because license pictures are never good...

However, when she opened her mail to find her new ID, she was surprised to find that they took the photo of her with her mask on. She says she didn't want to risk taking her mask off without explicit instructions, for fear she’d be sent to the back of the three-hour line.

“They were very strict. So I’m going to be very compliant, and listen, and follow every instruction, maybe to a fault.”

Pilgrim took two photos, signed her documents, went home and eventually opened up her ID.

The DMV issued the following statement:

“In this instance, there was an oversight. The customer should have been asked to lower her mask for the photo. The DMV will investigate how this may have happened and remind staff of proper procedures.”

They have also said Pilgrim’s Real ID is technically valid, but they will have her to return for a no fee duplicate photo without her mask.

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