The Test Of Time: Artist Photoshops Celebrities Then And Now

Ard Gelinck takes photos of celebrities in their prime and juxtaposes them with current photos to show the test of time. Some of the photos are pretty striking!


The Late, Great Kobe Bryant

Sir Anthony Hopkins

aka Hannibal Lecter

Larry King

May He Rest In Peace

Kate Winslet

Dolly Parton

Can you believe she's 75?


Karate Kid Ralph Macchio

David Bowie

Eddie Murphy


Make sure to swipe through all the photos!

Brad Pitt

"We Had To Post This Because Of The Rock & Jason Momoa"

Thanks a lot Producer Dana...

Harrison Ford

Clint Eastwood

Annie Lennox

Tina Turner

Freddie Mercury

Morgan Freeman

And so many more, including Michael Jordan, Reese Witherspoon, Bono, Sean Connery, Kim K, the cast of Friends and Luke Perry! Make sure to check Ard's work on his instagram page!

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