Graffiti On Behalf Of Local Restaurants

Have you seen the grafittiHave you seen the graffiti in Midtown Sacramento that reads:

“Tip 100% or go home”

Some industry workers appreciate the message behind the graffiti given how badly the pandemic has affected the restaurant industry. Chris Barnum, the owner of Localis, had this to say:

“This is a really hard time for restaurants. I can appreciate the sentiment. We’ve gotten hit the hardest. It really does make a difference for people to tip.”

A local waitress also had this this say:

“They’re tipping still but it’s much lower than when they’re sitting and getting the full dining experience. $13 an hour? It’s not liveable without tips. The stress level of getting that next tip is awfully high.”

It’s unclear who’s responsible for the midtown graffiti.

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