Bitcoin Users Watch Value Soar, Can't Login To Their Accounts

Bitcoin reached a record high value of $40,000 last week and has since dropped 25%. Sadly, there is a large portion of Bitcoin users who cannot login because they can't remember their passwords. This has tied up roughly $140 billion (18.5 million Bitcoin).

According to Wallet Recovery Services, which is a company that helps recover lost digital keys, has reported seeing 3x the amount of users requesting password help within the last month. According to one Bitcoin user, Stefan Thomas, you only get two chances to try and remember your password before being permanently locked out. He has roughly $220 million wrapped up in Bitcoin at the moment that he cannot touch. There are countless stories of other users with the same issue; like Gabriel Abed who has been locked out since 2011, losing 800 Bitcoin to the tune of roughly $25 million. Here's hoping that Bitcoin can do something to help these users out (kudos to them for their security, though!).