Samsung Working On 110 Inch TV For Average Consumers

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

TVs are about to get a lot bigger thanks to Samsung. TV sales grew dramatically throughout the pandemic and it should be no shock as to why:

  • Roughly 42% of the American work force is now working from home exclusively
  • 57% of Americans are exercising in the comfort of their living room
  • And more than 50% of Americans have admitted to watching more content on streaming services

So when the tech giant Samsung took the stage at the 2021 CES trade show, they announced that they will be focusing on bigger TVs with more functionality that will help you achieve the ultimate movie theater vibe, at home.

Back in 2018, Samsung debuted "The Wall", a 146 inch TV. The very same technology is going into consumer-based models in 110 inch, 99 inch and 88 inch sizes. Some sources have priced out the 110 inch model at about $159,000.

Would you pay that much $$$$ for a TV that large?

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