Tropicana Issues Apology Over Mimosa-Parenting Campaign

Is it even the internet if people don't get upset over mimosas?

Tropicana posted the following ad, with the hashtag #TakeAMimoment:

We've all needed a little moment to ourselves and self-care was a major focus for many people in 2020, especially so for parents juggling the non-stop work-home-school life.

But many people took issue with Tropicana's approach to self-care:

The @Tropicana #TakeAMimoment campaign: Women lying to their families, sneaking off to consume alcohol hidden in secret compartments. Slamming a mimosa in the laundry room isn’t cute and it’s not “treating yourself.” That’s 1950s “mother’s little helper” bullshit

- juniper_green, Twitter

Tropicana has since issued an apology:

But even the apology isn't enough for some:

But fear not, not everyone took offense to the ad:

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