2021 Future Ford Bronco Sport Big Bend Review

After 25 years (1996) of being locked in a stable - the 2021 Future Ford Bronco Sport is BACK! (The big Bronco is coming later in 21’).

To be fair (and honest) we didn’t get a lot of time in the Future Ford Bronco Sport because in the time it took us to drive up to The Roseville

Auto Mall, our model had sold! So we only spent a very short 30/40 minutes in it before this write up. (We will get extended time soon).

There are 5 trim levels - 5! Base, Big Bend, Outer Banks, Badlands, and First Edition. We drove Big Bend. It’s cute, comfortable, fun, and

easy to drive with plenty of visibility and simplicity. I wouldn’t typically use the word “cute” when describing any Bronco but this first offering

is cute - yet capable. It’s essentially a crossover for everyday errand running and grocery getting - not rocking and trailing at The Rubicon.

(Something tells me though that the aftermarket world is working on changing this immediately as we wait for the big Bronco). The Bronco

Sport shares about 70% percent of its components with the Ford Escape and is built on the very same C2 platform. (Which I like, because

you have data and history to eliminate a lot “new model bugs”).

Under the Hood/Saddle: Engine option one; EcoBoost Turbo 1.8L 3-CYL. Producing 181 hp and 190 lb-ft of torque. It seems somewhat

laughable to see these numbers in print, SEEMS. It really is plenty of power in this “first-offering” as Ford knows, most buyers won’t be chopping

the fenders for the Baja 1000 or a weekend at Pismo. The towing numbers aren’t bad (even though Escape fairs a bit better).

Engine option two; EcoBoost Turbo 2.0L 4-CYL. Producing 245 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque!. We didn’t drive this option but we will, and cannot

wait - we promise you - it will be a BLAST!!! Every model comes with 4WD and the Ford SelectShift 8spd Auto Transmission. There are so

many different configurations and options (depending on trim) that we haven’t seen or used… All Bronco Sports also come with G.O.A.T.

Mode; a catchy new name (that I LOVE) for performance/surface selection. *All Models Come With a From the Factory Bottle Opener!!!!*

I’m starting to like the way it looks. It’s a refined rugged. City meets safari. Costco in the front - camping in the back if you will. If you’re looking

for a smaller, affordable, efficient SUV/Crossover, GO SEE IT, and take one for a DogAndJoeSho test drive today! At either location; Future Ford

I-80 Madison or Future Ford/Lincoln in The Roseville Auto Mall. -Dog

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