2020 DogAndJoeSho Tree Off Winners Announced

The votes are in for the annual TheDogAndJoeShoTree Off competition! And the winner is.... Kyle Ledbetter of Sacramento! His photo of his Christmas Tree crushed the competition with runner ups Julie Wheeler ("Christmas Is Easy With Cheap Labor") and Aaron Difuntorum ("Something Bright in 2020") coming in 2nd and 3rd place in the voting respectively. 

When contacted about his victory, Kyle says "I always prefer to use a real tree! The lighting of the picture itself as well as no other distraction - furniture, house plants, appliances,etc- to take away from the tree or tree theme."

The Winning Tree - Kyle Ledbetter

But when pressed, he admits "Honestly, the beautiful mother of my children and my 7yr old Daughter Audrey did it. I trimmed the tree a little, evened it out in the stand, and put the lights on. But, all the rest of the decorating and theme was all them and shows the hard work they put in!"

And where did the 1400+ votes come from? "Facebook community pages, Nextdoor App, and being a supervisor in a retail business with +200 employees doesn't hurt." Kyle copped to. "Working at the same company for 14yrs has definitely helped with the amount of friends and people I have met."

And how long has Kyle listened toDogAndJoe? "Since the M*thlab days and have been a loyal follower of them for years. Always bring humor and never a dull moment of listening. No one better than DogAndJoe!" Congrats to Kyle and his family. We'll be sending him and his family to Disneyland when it opens!

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