Family Gets Kicked Off Plane For 2 Year Old Not Complying With Mask Rules

United Airlines has a policy: 2 years old and up, you must wear a mask on a plane.

A family from Colorado was kicked off a flight because their 2-year-old daughter refused to keep a mask on. Eliz Orban posted the following video after the encounter:

Orban went on to say:

“We are premier members with United, so we've flown many times, even during the pandemic we’ve flown with our 2-year-old. We’ve just flown two months ago because all of our family lives on the East Coast, so this is the only way for them to see their granddaughter. And this time was just extremely different.”

United Airlines released the following statement after the incident:

“The health and safety of our employees and customers is our highest priority, which is why we have a multi-layered set of policies, including mandating that everyone on board 2 and older wears a mask. These procedures are not only backed by guidance from the CDC [The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] and our partners at the Cleveland Clinic, but they’re also consistent across every major airline."

The spokesperson also noted that the Orban family has not been banned from flying with the airline.

You can read the full article here.

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