Only In Arkansas: Deer Antler Christmas Tree!

Arkansas man and avid deer hunter Jeff Jester has created one of the most unique Christmas trees we've ever seen!

He's been storing the antlers for years and years-- his wife Megann pushing him to replace their usual Christmas tree with something different this year.

“She’s always wanted me to do something with those antlers. So I washed them off, laid them out from large to small, and went to work putting them together... We probably put about 15, 16 hours of work in the tree, and once it started coming together, she could actually see it. She got excited about it — we both got excited about it... This one will probably be the last tree we ever have, because I don’t plan on ever taking it down."

Since debuting the tree on Facebook, Jester has said he and his wife are receiving TONS of requests to build antler Christmas trees! Supply and demand, baby!

Guess Grandma's safe this year!

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