Win A Playstation 5 Through Wendy's & Uber Eats

That rascally little rabbit, the Playstation 5, has been sold out everywhere since it hit shelves November 12th. And when you can't buy it, the next best thing is WINNING it, and Wendy's & UberEats have your back!!!

The home of the square hamburger is partnering with UberEats to give away the PS5 through their Never Stop Gaming promotion, which starts today (December 8th) and goes through Saturday, December 12th.

How To Win

  1. Order any meal from the Wendy’s Never Stop Gaming Menu (see below) and get an Uber Eats Prize Pass.
  2. Scratch to reveal the code on the back of the Prize Pass you received with your Never Stop Gaming meal.
  3. Enter the code and provide your information for a chance to win! Terms & Conditions.

The Never Stop Gaming menu is limited-- five days with five signature meals and five big-time Twitch streamers. The Twitch gamers will stream games and give fans exclusive prizes (schedule below). Meanwhile, you can pick up their meals through Uber Eats for your chance to get the Prize Pass code. The schedule and meals are as follows:

Tuesday, December 8th (6pm-8pm PT)

Myth Meal: Classic Chicken Sandwich, small fries and Coke

Wednesday, December 9th (7pm-9pm PT)

FLIGHT Meal: 10-piece Spicy Chicken Nuggets, small fries and Hi-C Fruit Punch

Thursday, December 10th (1pm-3pm PT)

itsHafu Meal: Baconator, small fries and Sprite

Friday, December 11th (1pm-3pm PT)

xChocoBars Meal: Big Bacon Classic, small fries and Diet Coke

Saturday, December 12th (6pm-8pm PT)

TFUE Meal:10-piece Crispy Chicken Nuggets, small fries and Minute Maid Light Lemonade

The meals are only available through UberEats.

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